Friday, 30 January 2015

There are many ways of showing the one you love you care whether it be through gifts, words or actions, and each one can make the perfect statement. The thought is certainly the thing which counts the most and putting time and effort into doing something nice for someone really shows they mean a lot to you and they are worth your time. If you are thinking of getting the one you love a gift, why not choose the perfect antique ring such as one from Antique Jewellery Online? With their beauty you will send the perfect message and your partner is guaranteed to fall in love all over again.


If you are planning a proposal to your partner then there is no better ring than an antique ring, however it can still be the perfect gift without involving a proposal. There are many different types of antique rings of all shapes, sizes and stones, so you will certainly find one perfect to fit the occasion. It has become popular over the years for brides to be drawn to antique rings for their engagement ring as they come with a number of benefits different to high street bought jewellery. One thing which attracts people to antique rings is that they have a romantic past and a love story it has already lived which adds mystery and excitement to each individual piece.

Another huge benefit of antique rings is their unique qualities. Modern jewellery is made in a much different way and there isn’t as much love and thought put into creating each piece individually. As antique jewellery is generally around 100 years old or more, your new antique ring is more than likely to be one of a kind and you certainly won’t come across another piece like it. This makes each piece more personal to the wearer and makes them especially popular for engagement rings.

You don’t need an excuse to treat the one you love to an antique ring - it can simply be to show you care. It doesn’t have to be your partner who receives the gift of a beautiful antique ring either. Maybe your mums birthday is around the corner or you want to give a special gift to a good friend, antique rings can make any statement and put a smile on anyone's face. Their beauty is timeless, and with the right care and maintenance they can last many lifetimes gaining sentimental value. So start looking for the perfect antique ring today to let someone special know you love them.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Most people cannot afford their perfect proposal or wedding, at least not completely. This is the reason why almost every person who gets married gets a loan for their proposal and/or their wedding, and most of the people who do get a loan get a loan from a money lender. Well, the following are some of the most effective tips which a person should use when they try to get a loan for that perfect proposal and/or wedding of theirs from a money lender:
Never agree to an interest rate you are not comfortable with
The only reason why money lenders lend people money is because there is a lot of money in doing so for them in the form of interest. However, when a person borrows money from a money lender for that perfect proposal or wedding of theirs, they should never, ever agree to an interest rate that they are not comfortable with.

Do not borrow an extravagant amount of money
The most common reason why people fail to successfully return the money they borrow from money lenders is because they borrow an extremely large sum. This is the reason why an extremely effective tip everyone should use when getting a loan, especially for their proposal or wedding, is to not borrow an extremely large or extravagant amount of money.

Only use a licensed money lender
One of the most effective tips which a person should use when they try to get a loan for that perfect proposal or wedding of theirs is to make sure that they only use a licensed money lender. All money lenders who are unlicensed are considered to be illegal money lenders in the eyes of the law, and a large percentage of them actually are illegal money lenders. So if a person lives in Singapore, they should not borrow money from just any Singapore money lender, they should make sure that they borrow money from a licensed money lender in Singapore.

Make sure that the due date for the return of the loan is sufficient
If a person wants to ensure the timely return of the money they borrow from a money lender for that perfect little proposal or wedding of theirs, they need to make sure that the due date for the return is sufficient. If the due date of the return of the loan is too near, it will not at all be sufficient and the person will not be able to return the money they borrowed on time.
Getting hitched soon? Need some ideas and inspiration to kick start your plans? Well, here's our pick of some of the recent trends and developments in the wonderful world of weddings that may have passed you by in all the pre-marital excitement.
Shiny happy people

Wedding receptions will be even more full of shiny happy people with the renaissance of sequins. If you are seeking inspiration for decorative ideas, then look no further. The sequin, whether that's in silver, gold, jade or cobalt, has been ubiquitous on the catwalks lately.  Don't go overboard and plaster them all over the place like a bad Strictly nightmare; a soft, restrained glimmer here and there will suffice. On table decorations, bouquets and stationary – the sequin has been re-invented as a shining beacon of taste and elegance. Make the most of it while it lasts.

Chill out areas
There's no denying that wedding days are long. The bride and groom are fuelled on excitement and adrenalin, their guests however may have travelled long distances, are wearing uncomfortable shoes and tight clothing and have probably drunk and eaten a lot  - so the offer of a sit down in a quiet zone will be most welcome. Venues with the space to offer such extras are increasingly popular. For elderly relatives, nursing mums or just anyone who needs a break from the fun, a chill out area allows guests to re-charge their batteries for more celebrating. Such areas can be themed to match the wedding's style, comfortable sofas, armchairs, beanbags and cushions will be popular, as would a tea urn and coffee maker for a galvanising cuppa.  If you are holding the reception under canvas, there is flexibility in the plans for layout options. Those holding their nuptials in the Midlands will find that for wedding marquee hire Warwickshire is well provided and relaxation zones are incorporated into floor-plans with ease.

Let's do the show right here
There is an increase in the number of weddings taking place 'off grid'. Conventional venues for weddings are being eschewed in favour of marquees pitched exactly where the couple want them. This 'let's do the show right here' attitude is helped enormously by can-do operators who provide all the support and back-up necessary for the big day. For wedding marquee hire Warwickshire has the best, so if you are a bride that has found her perfect location in the Midlands, do not delay.

As well as movable venues, the food options are now mobile, too! Couples are ordering off the usual wedding menu and booking food vans to attend their events. Whether it's serving  pizza from a wood fired oven in a converted horse box, a vintage citroen truck serving oysters and champagne, a cup cake camper van, an ice cream lorry dishing out 99s or a caravan serving spicy curries, these pop-up catering ventures are always popular! The rules have changed and out sourcing for catering often attracts price reductions as clearing up afterwards is minimised and prices are more competitive.

Evolution of the supporting players
Time was when bridesmaids and ushers had back ground roles. Whilst they continue to carry out vital support tasks, they are becoming more visible. Bridesmaid dresses are becoming more vivid in colour. The current trend of tonal dress colours, where each bridesmaid wears a dress in a variation of a key colour, running from palest blue, for example, right through to navy – makes for a stunning visual impact and can work in a rainbow of different shades.

Ushers too, are building their part, opting for more daring threads. Following the lead of our friends across the water, ushers are no longer condemned to wear sombre suits – they can wear colourful braces, sneakers, jaunty bow ties and vivid floral shirts. They have even been seen carrying flower posies!

Wedding cake update
Forget any plans to go for a towering multi-story, white iced confection with complicated patterns. The trendy wedding cake is wearing next to nothing – a dusting of icing sugar and some glistening fresh fruit is all it has to protect its modesty. The celebration cakes are more relaxed, casual and homely, with a big nod to 'Bake Off' stylings. Ingredients are evolving too, traditional fruit cakes are giving way to Victoria Sponge, lemon and chocolate versions.

Top wedding favour pick
Brides and grooms are always scratching their heads trying to think of wedding favours. Well, here's one for lady guests that's clever, useful, cheap and easily sourced – a pair of flip flops! Perfect for soothing tired feet after a long day in heels and easily customised with pretty ribbon and beads to make them a more personal gift.

Whatever type of wedding you are planning, whether it's a traditional do or an unconventional affair, it's always good to keep an eye on the trends. It's up to you which ones to ignore and which to follow.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Your special day can pass in a blur, with months of careful planning and organization over in just a flash.

A photo booth is a great way of capturing more moments, even those that you missed because you were mingling with guests, and providing you with the chance to look back on the evening’s entertainment.

But there are a number of features to consider creating the perfect booth for your big day. Here are a few things to look out for.

Standing or sitting?

You will find a variety of styles of photo booths, with some offering a seated arrangement while others provide room for standing pictures only.

A seated booth may sound like the better option but that’s not necessarily the case. They will take longer to set up, will fit less people in and also don’t provide any flexibility for fun and poses.

If the photo booth has features such as a wind machine, and if there’s a prop box too, opting for a standing arrangement provides a lot more room to strike a pose and ham it up for the camera. These can make some of the best photos and you’ll find as the evening progresses, more and more guests will be willing to relax and have a laugh in front of the lens.

The photo booth will become very popular once the ice is broken and you may well have a queue of people waiting to use it. With no limit on the number of pictures that can be taken, and with free prints it could prove to be a huge hit. Seated booths tend to take longer to get people in and out so this might be a factor if you have lots of people at your event.

Open or closed booth?

If you have the room at your venue, a closed booth will provide room for a number of guests to have their picture taken at the same time, as well as having an attractive exterior. Photo booths come in a variety of styles so you can pick the option that best fits in with your theme.

However, if you are pushed for space, you might find not be able to accommodate a full-sized booth but this doesn’t mean you can’t have one at all. Open booths are far smaller and use the surroundings - such as the wall - as a substitute.


Wedding photo booth with a rustic at nature theme

If you have the choice of either, it’s worth considering privacy; a closed booth will provide some privacy and may encourage guests to take part but an open booth can help to create a great atmosphere with everyone watching what goes on.

The photos produced may be slightly different too as in a closed photo booth it’s much easier to control the lighting, setting up the optimum conditions while in an open booth; the lighting of the room will have a far greater impact.

Quality of pictures

Before you book a photo booth provider, it’s a good idea to ask to see some samples of the pictures taken from their events.

If the pictures are dark, blurry or of a poor quality, you should probably look for an alternative pcompany, even if everything else seems perfect. If the pictures are of a poor quality, you probably won’t look at the album again and your guests will be disappointed with the prints they get on the night.

Seated booths in particular can suffer with lighting problems which can create pictures which are too dark and shady. A lack of lighting can create both shadowing and black spots on the pictures, something certainly to be avoided.


Great memorable wedding photos from your photo booth

Backdrops which aren’t blocked out will appear to be transparent when the pictures are taken creating a cheap-looking effect.

If the backdrop is too dark, and you are a brunette, your hair won’t show up very well; choosing a backdrop which contrasts will create far better results.


Photo booths and weddings are a partnership made in heaven, but it’s important to pick the right provider to make sure you get what you expected. These features give you some idea of what to look for when choosing the photo booth provider for your big day.

Monday, 19 January 2015

You probably do not wear a lot of make-up but you could be a great fan of applying mascara. That stated, when it comes to choosing a mascara, every brand is different. The mascara that may work for your sister will not necessarily work well for you. As you will soon figure it out, the issue is not with the mascara but actually in your lashes. As you delve more, you will find out that the mascara itself is not that important but the mascara wand that you are going to use in the application.
If you have been a victim of pale, sparse or stubby lashes, you do not have to worry at all. Below are some of the vital tips that will aid you choosing the best mascara for your eye lashes. Keeping in mind that all the eye mascaras make use of different wants so it is not recommended to mix them up, as the result in this regard could be disastrous. Taking a decision is tough here.
However, following the tips mentioned below would help you make a better decision as what kind of mascara you should opt for.

Types of Mascaras
Firstly, it is imperative for you to know that there are different types of mascaras. Lengthening, thickening, curling Waterproof and defining mascara are all types of mascara. Yes! Choosing a perfect mascara for yourself happens to be quite challenging now than how it used to be greatly because there are so many options to choose from. Most people prefer to opt for the one that complements their skin tone. However, consider your eye color while you are picking a mascara for yourself so that it works with both.

What Look You Are Looking For?
If you are considering having dramatic look, then you can have great fun with light or even dark blue mascara considering the fact that you have blue eyes. Purple color mascara will work well specially for people with green eyed individuals with light skin or auburn hair in general. While you are to choose a mascara for yourself, it is imperative that you pay attention to the size of the mascara brush.
The longer and fuller eyelashes you have, the thicker brush you will require.

Younique Mascara is extremely useful in exposing your eyes, and gives them a superior definition while adding thickness to the eye lashes. Not just it helps bringing out beautiful eyes but also is beneficial in enhancing your lashes.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Wedding is the first biggest event in any couple’s life. And thus no stone should be left unturned to make it a worthwhile. From the clothes to the venue, everything counts for the bride and the groom on the D Day. A wedding ceremony is not only about the bride and the groom alone but all the others who are a part of the wedding.
John Charles – Known for their wedding outfits
John Charles is the famed designer house for wedding gowns and has earned accolades and awards for best occasional wears and also for wedding outfits for mother of the bride. It has dressed many mothers of the brides in beautiful and elegant dresses that had sure rely turned heads. The role of the mother of the bride is important and thus she would definitely be under everyone’s notice. Hence it is necessary that she dresses herself in the way that suits her the most. At John Charles, outfits for the mother of the bride have a subtle beauty that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Quality clothing is what you need and that’s what you will get
The fashion house understands the requirements of a mother of the bride and designs the clothes accordingly. Soft colours and intricate detailing make the outfits from John Charles look very elegant and classy, no matter on whom it is displayed. John Chares has dressed celebrities and the stars on the red carpet of award ceremonies, special events and even international award shows. The beautiful clothes have set their own standards and try to abide by it. But it is not only the famous celebrity clients who have made it famous but also the highly fashionable common people also. John Charles is the first name that comes to the mind when the mother of the bride has to buy a new dress for the occasion.

This occasion wear apparel brand came into being in the year 1958 and it has indeed come a long way. People now consider only John Charles when it comes to buying wedding outfits, for both the mother of the bride and the bride herself as well. The hard work and the creativity which come to play on each of the outfits from the designer help in creating a beautiful impression of the ones wearing them. One can select from a wide range of designs and have them altered according to the need. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, and John Charles tries to bring out the best in her through the gorgeous outfits. 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The stag do is every groom-to-be’s rite of passage, and going into marriage in style and with a few embarrassing tales for the best man’s speech is a must. As the North East’s leading alternative stag do destination, we are here to share our expertise and give you the planning advice you need to make your stag as memorable as possible.

Don’t plan too close to the wedding

Whilst traditional stag and hen parties would take place the night before the nuptials, these days brides and grooms leave at least a few weeks for recovery. Always confirm the date of the wedding, and give yourself time to arrange the ultimate pre-wedding party. Try not to organise the stag do closer than two weeks to the wedding, your groom will have other commitments in the days leading up to the big day.


Set a date

Just like the wedding, sending out a few save the dates is important, even if it’s just a provisional date in a text message! Whether you are hosting a stag party of 5 or 55, ensuring that the nearest and dearest people to your groom can attend can make or break an event. Try to get the date nailed down as soon as possible, and inform everyone with plenty of time to spare.

Know who to invite

Many stag dos and their prep are kept rather hush-hush, and it is always a nice touch to make the celebrations as much of a surprise for the groom as possible. Keeping details under wraps applies to who to invite too but knowing who to invite can be difficult. Do your research to ensure your groom is satisfied with his guest list.

Don’t go for the norm

These days a night on the town just won’t cut it for many stags, go alternative and think outside of the box to create a day or even weekend worth remembering.

For more information on stag parties in Newcastle visit Beamish Wild

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