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Iconic American hairstyles have often become a part of the iconography of certain generations. Who started the trends is not often cited, but their popularity would sweep the country and then the world. Certain decades are defined by these hairstyles as much as the music and architecture of the era. The most significant trends began in and around the 1920’s and were spurned by the tremendous economic success of the era. There was also a significant shift to a club atmosphere as prohibition caused people who would formerly drink at home to seek libations in nightclub atmospheres. This atmosphere was also fostered as World War II ended and soldiers began to matriculate into society. This was thirty years after the hairstyle revolutions of the roaring 1920’s.


As the 20’s were characterized by finger waves and bobs, the 1950’s started the revolution of the up dos, and big hair would endure even throughout the 1980’s. In the 1960’s, hairstyles were reflective of the times and started to reflect certain cultural aspects as mainstream America became more diverse. People started to treat their hairstyles like personal reflections of themselves, and styles became more personal. This can be seen in the success of Broadway musicals like Hair in the late 1960’s, and by the 1970’s, hair was fiercely protected as a personal and public statement about pride. This started ethnic styles like the Afro which also became as prevalent in the era as bell bottoms and peace symbols. By the 1980’s, even rock bands would be known for large flamboyant hairstyles to go along with the flourishing punk rock scene, its ambiguous fashion and cross dressing themes.

Although today some hairstyles are reincarnated form past eras, many people choose to have hairstyles that reflect their own personal styles and enhance their looks. Often, they replicate styles that are currently worn by celebrities, but due to the skill of hair stylists today, styles can vary from person to person and still be as striking as fad hairstyles. In fact, famous hair stylists are sought by celebrities to bring that personality to their own image. It almost a fashion faux pas to have a style that is replicated by the masses. This quest for individual hairstyles has fueled a large industry in hair styling and hair care products. However, many of these styles are borrowed from previous generations and because of the skill of the stylists given that added touch.

Friday, 14 November 2014

One of the most memorable events and for some, a once-in-a-lifetime event, is your wedding day. There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding such as selecting seating arrangements, choosing catering menus, picking floral arrangements and so much more. When couples embark on this amazing journey together, one important element of the wedding that some seem to forget about is entertainment. The entertainment that you choose to have at both your wedding and reception can actually contribute to the overall success of the event and may be the major difference between a good wedding and an amazing wedding. If selecting a live wedding band you should be aware of some of the types available, For example Leicester based Adam Thomas & The Souljers are a live wedding band who provide a great mix of styles whereas if you are looking to get married in Warwickshire you might opt for something a bit more suited to a medieval Shakespeare theme.


Live Music and Ambiance

Planning the entertainment for your special day should be a top priority. Live wedding bands can help to make your wedding even more special and with so many different options to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. The first thing that you should take into consideration is the overall type of vibe and theme that you're going for. The music that is played will set the stage for your reception, so it should be something that you will not only enjoy, but that will enhance the ambiance of your event. The bride and groom should think about the type of music genres that reflect their own personalities and that inspires that theme of the wedding. For example, string quartets may be the ideal choice for those who are planning a swanky reception, while a groovy funk band may be a great choice for those looking for a more upbeat sound.

Opting for a Variety

When thinking about set lists and styles of music, the bride and the groom may have very different tastes or specific ideas in mind that they would each like to incorporate into their wedding. When selecting a live band, it is recommended to ensure that they are able to play a variety of music styles and are encouraged to play fast songs, slow songs, old tunes, and new tunes so that all guests feel comfortable enough to make their way out onto the dance floor.
No matter what type of live band you select for your wedding day, it is important to book your entertainment in advance. Top talent and live bands can be booked up to a year in advance, so you will want to start planning today.

Nestled in the heart of England, is Warwickshire, the ideal wedding spot for all couples who are planning on tying the knot. Whether you're looking for a modern, traditional, grand, historic, or romantic wedding venue, you will find it all within Warwick. Warwick lies upon the River Avon, which creates a beautiful backdrop for many different wedding venue locations. Because this beautiful county town dates back to the year 914, you will find a wide range of historic sites, castles, cottages and more that have since been turned into quaint and luxurious wedding destinations. Here supplied by staff at Warwickshire Weddings UK, experts in wedding information for the area, you will find some of the most popular wedding venues in Warwick. These will provide you with beautiful backdrops, plenty of space and an ambiance that is sure to match the theme of your wedding.


Romance at Dunchurch Park

Dunchurch Park provides the bride and groom with a romantic and idyllic setting on their wedding day. Located in the cozy village of Dunchurch, this wedding venue is made up of 72 pristine acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds complete with lake and fountain area. Because this manor house venue is able to accommodate up to 400 guests, it is a great choice for those who are planning either large and extravagant weddings or small and intimate weddings.

The popular Shustoke Farm Barns

Those who are looking for a more outdoors and laid-back feel along with a historic vibe will want to consider the Shustoke Farm Barns for their upcoming wedding. This Warwickshire wedding venue is run by Cripps Kitchen, offering delicious catering complete with spectacular rotisserie chicken and delicious BBQ food. The 18th century barns at this venue are made out of red brick and sit tall and dramatic on the interior. Outside of the barns, guests will enjoy a spacious courtyard with gorgeous ancient olive trees. This wedding venue is able to accommodate 189 guests.

Studley Castle as a wedding venue

Nothing says romance and elegance more than a wedding at Studley Castle. Here, you will enjoy beautiful countryside views and a magnificent castle estate that has the space to bring even the most extravagant ideas to life. Whether you're planning an elegant evening, stylish and sophisticated wedding, or traditional event, the possibilities are endless. This venue also features 57 spacious en-suite bedrooms that guests can enjoy staying at during your wedding.
Warwick truly has a little something for everyone to enjoy. As you begin to plan your wedding, the venue is one of the first things that you will want to decide on, as some Warwickshire wedding venues can book up more than a year in advance.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

While shopping for the outfits for the mother of the bride, you will come across a number of options and thus you will be facing difficulty in selecting the right dress for you. Generally there is no restriction about the dress code but in order to look decent and graceful it is important that one should have the best dress which suits the personality and status of the wearer. There are few tips that the mother of the bride can use in order to get the perfect dress.

Decide before you shop


Before going for shopping, first of all decide what you want to have as it gets very difficult if you don’t have any plan or idea about the dress. If you haven’t gone through this decision making process then it will be very difficult for you. Always keep the occasion and them in mind while selecting the dress because it is of great importance that the dress should be according to the occasion otherwise the wrong decision can create embarrassing moment for you.

It is best to discuss about this with the bride in order to get the knowledge about the overall format of the wedding. The dress should be casual and should match to the occasion. If there is any colour theme than you must follow it otherwise I would suggest you to go for lighter shades. But keep this thing in mind that the dress should not be of the same shade as that of the bride keep it in lighter shade but not white. It is better to select the colour which co-ordinates with the dress of the bride.

Check before you buy

It is better to see the dress of the bride before selecting any for you as it will surely not be good if the mother will upstage her own daughter. Therefore first check the dress of the daughter in order to get the knowledge about its design, if it is simple and sober choose according to it only.

You can find a good collection in the local stores but you have a desire to check out bigger collection or if you haven’t got whatever you were looking for in the online store than I would suggest you to go to the online stores. There are number of benefits of getting dress from online store. you will get good collection in online stores and you can save a good amount of money by going for online stores.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s usual to feel that your head is all over the place! It often seems as there’s just so much to do yet so little time to do it in, even when you’ve months and months to go until the big day. Of course, planning your wedding isn’t all stress and, for most people, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience. There is, however, certain things which we strongly recommend you plan ahead on to ensure you have everything covered and that you ultimately get the day you want. After all, it’s hopefully one you’ll never have again!

1. Book Your Photographer As Far In Advance As Possible

When it comes to finding your dream wedding photographer, it’s important than you start the search as soon as you start planning your wedding. “The best photographers get booked up months, if not years in advance,” states South Wales wedding photographer, Francesca Hill, so, as such, it’s important to try and secure your ideal photographer as soon as you’ve got a date. Put together a shortlist of a few photographers whose work you like and sit down with them to discuss what you’re looking for. Even though it might seem an age off, booking your photographer in advance means you secure your date and get the photographer who you know will do a great job of capturing your big day.

2. Put As Much Effort Into Your Reception As Your Ceremony

Whilst the main ceremony is ultimately what your wedding is all about, your reception should receive as much love and attention! If you’re planning an outdoor reception in a marquee, why not go all out and add that extra bit of luxury in the form of luxury toilets from a company such as Regency Toilets? Whilst it’s not the first little luxury which many would think of, it’s a way to impress your guests and add something a little different. At the end of the day, if you’ve put the effort in for a great reception, why make your guests settle for portaloos?

3. Choose A Caterer Carefully

The food is always the best part of a wedding reception so choose your caterers carefully. If you’ve got vegetarian guests or those with particular dietary requirements, it’s your job to cater for those so try and find a caterer who will work with you to make your day a success. Whatever style of food you’re thinking on, spend time finding a caterer who you know will go that extra mile to spoil your guests and prepare you a feast to remember!

Whether your wedding is three months away or three years away, there’s a lot of planning to do and, as such, the sooner you get it started and the main things booked, the better! Planning your wedding should be enjoyable so make the most of it...it’ll only happen once!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Getting married abroad is proving to be a growing trend among UK couples these days. Villas in Italy, Spain and France are all beginning to offer wedding packages, which often include the assistance of a wedding coordinator to insure the event runs smoothly. While, the idea of having the ‘big day’ away from home does not appeal to everyone, the process is not as complicated as you may think and the pros of this idea may definitely out-weigh the cons.

Dedicated Wedding Coordinators

Although the idea of using the services of a wedding coordinator may seem indulgent for a wedding at home, for one held abroad, potentially in a country where you do not speak the native language, a coordinator is almost a necessity. A coordinator can assist with scouting out villas in Italy, interviewing florists in France or testing caterers in Spain on your behalf, wherever you have chosen to have your ceremony. They can also be invaluable for navigating the legalities of any given country that you may not be familiar with. For example, Italy only requires couples to be in the country a few days before the event, whereas France and Spain require a longer stay.

Varied Scenery

One of the most appealing aspects of getting married in Italy is the fabulous scenery that will set the mood and tone of your ceremony. Venues and villas in Italy can be found to accommodate a variety of guest numbers and events - from an intimate indoor affair to a romantic outdoor extravaganza. Couples have the pleasure of choosing from sites as diverse as the beautiful rocky coastline of the Amalfi Coast or the rolling hills and valleys Tuscany. They can choose a location that suits their personalities and the kind of celebration they wish to have.

Romantic Locations

Italy is a particularly popular destination for couples wishing to get married abroad. The whole country seems to embrace romance and the Italians certainly know how to throw an amazing party to celebrate true love! From the warmth of the atmosphere to the divine cuisine, wine and scenery, a wedding in Italy has built-in entertainment to ensure every wedding guest has a wonderful, and memorable, time. Different sized villas in Italy can be found to either accommodate all your wedding guests under one roof or in separate smaller groups but still within close proximity to each other.

A marriage celebration in Italy cannot fail to delight even the pickiest wedding guest. For a truly unforgettable experience, the stunning landscape of Italy can provide all that you need set against a background of breath-taking beauty. The choice to get married abroad may also have the hidden benefits of allowing you to streamline your guest list to include just your nearest and dearest, and will also allow you a head start on an amazing honeymoon.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Destination weddings are very common nowadays because they provide a hassle free way for the bride and groom to have their wedding and honeymoon in one place instead of having to travel thousands of miles away. This is also a very cost effective option for couples. Here are some of the best destination wedding locations found in the U.S.



· Filled with different breathtaking locations, Florida offers a completely beautiful all in one experience when it comes to destination weddings.

· In Florida, there are many places you could visit such as; Palm Beach, Miami and the Keys. They each provide a wonderful experience with their amusement parks, golf and other outdoor sports and plenty of beaches.

· Coastal Florida is usually all about the beach and there are many activities for tourists such as surfing, paraskiing, fishing and sailing.

· Florida is also known for its numerous wedding spots and world class hotels perfect for weddings.

Telluride, Colorado

· These are one of those few locations that are perfect no matter what time of the year it is.

· It is most famous for skiing and winter activities for couples.

· It provides a scenic environment for couples especially those who love a long winter retreat.

Southern California

· The Laguna Beach is a perfect place for a beach wedding. It offers an ocean view and a wide selection of hotels.

· Lake Arrowhead is a great location if you are looking for a picturesque honeymoon in the mountains.

· San Diego offers pleasant weather, easy access to the nearby beaches and plenty of tourist attractions

The Carolinas

· North Carolina is a great choice for a seaside wedding with lots of places to see if you stay there for the honeymoon.

· South Carolina is a haven of endless possibilities from the beaches of the Grand Strand to the historic Low country.

Nashville, Tennessee

· This place is preferred by people who prefer a more traditional theme in their weddings.

· It has a wide array of hotels which provide everything from faultless wedding grounds to beautiful receptions.

Las Vegas, Nevada

· This place is filled with numerous wedding chapels with varying themes for the couples’ liking. It is made for spontaneous fun loving couples.

· Vegas has plenty of country clubs, each with its own ambience, special features and spectacular views.

· Grand hotels like the Aria, are more than enough to fit both your wedding and honeymoon needs.

Niagara Falls

· For those who enjoy waterfall views, this place has hotels located close to the falls that are famous for the weddings they host.

· The Sheraton, is famous here for its large rooms that offer panoramic views of the magnificent Niagara River.

Santa Fe

· The Santa Fe Country Club has one of the most appealing settings in the area, and is the perfect venue for your wedding and reception.

· Hotel Chimayo is famous for maintaining the culture of Santa Fe and is ideal for anyone who wants a traditional kind of wedding.

Cape Cod

· Watch the boats on the waterfront as you say your wedding vows at The Aqua Grille, a place that offers five star wedding services and traditional seafood cuisine.

· Cape Codder Resort and Spa is renowned for its luxurious services and their capacity to accommodate up to 500 guests for your wedding.


· The Hamptons are known for their extravagant beach houses and resorts, making this an impeccable place to have your wedding.

· The Montauk Yatch Club Resort is filled with different traditions and elegant settings that will make a magical place to hold your wedding.

These are just a few of the many amazing wedding destinations in the US. Better still, if you are a green card holder, you may choose to live in one of these beautiful places.

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